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internet cultu̷r̷e̷

recent­ly I delet­ed my ancient live­jour­nal, which I’d total­ly for­got­ten about. I fig­ured it was about high time, and nobody reads one anoth­er any­more much. at least not with any inten­tion­al­i­ty. not in this atten­tion starved econ­o­my. I noticed that despite the daz­zling array of apps, plat­forms, meth­ods of com­mu­ni­ca­tion iron­i­cal­ly nuff we have become more estranged, dis­con­nect­ed, and indif­fer­ent than ever before. back in the hey­day of ICQ, AOL, or win­dows mes­sen­ger it was per­fect­ly nor­mal and now it’s not. one need­ed to oper­ate like a pro­fes­sion­al spy it seemed. there’s no short­age of creep­a­zoids, bad actors, con artists and thieves in every alley in cyber­space. wait­ing to pray on inno­cents like half starved deer ticks. if not them, then it’s those com­plete­ly gone. peo­ple who are dis­as­trous­ly con­sumed by emo­tion­al idol­a­try (or polit­i­cal idol­a­try) try­ing to con­vince every­body they’re right about a thing. and that every­body else is abysmal­ly wrong about all things. yessss, that’s how gaslight­ing works. I’m not here to judge believe it or not. I just found it com­plete­ly ridicu­lous the state of cyber­space and how …