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– Office Christ­mas par­ties are on the hori­zon, so take this cau­tion­ary tale to heart: Alana Bechiom filed a law­suit last week in Los Ange­les Supe­ri­or Court over a Christ­mas par­ty that went very side­ways last year at a San Pedro, Cal­i­for­nia, Taco Bell, where she worked at the time. KTLA-TV report­ed that Bechiom’s man­ag­er invit­ed her to the potluck staff par­ty, and Bechiom brought a bowl of gua­camole. When she arrived, she said, she real­ized her man­ag­er had “cov­ered the win­dows of the restau­rant with wrap­ping paper” and had cov­ered the lob­by cam­eras. She not­ed that the super­vi­sor had pro­vid­ed alco­hol and some staffers were “over­served.” After step­ping out­side for a moment late in the evening, Bechiom returned to find a co-work­er “hav­ing sex with his wife in front of every­one at the par­ty”; the wife was also kiss­ing the man­ag­er and anoth­er female co-work­er. Bechiom said she ran out of the restau­rant but went back in to get her gua­camole bowl, where she found the man­ag­er and co-work­er vom­it­ing, one in her bowl. Bechiom report­ed the inci­dent to Taco Bell, and the man­ag­er and co-work­er were fired, but since then she’s been threat­ened and had her car win­dows shat­tered. Bechiom said she has suf­fered “actu­al, con­se­quen­tial and inci­den­tal finan­cial loss­es”; her law­suit names Taco Bell and the fran­chise own­er, who she said “did noth­ing about the threats.” Taco Bell says they “take these claims very seri­ous­ly.” [KTLA, 11/​21/​2023]

^^^^  well this offi­cial­ly makes my pre­vi­ous Christ­mas office par­ties quite dull and life­less (even with the karaoke going). might have to switch to Taco Bell since Chill­i’s or Hoot­ers are prob­a­bly sick of my crazy ass by now.

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life on the line

it’s black fri­day + cyber mon­day and nat­u­ral­ly peo­ple are excit­ed for what­ev­er rea­son to buy shit they don’t real­ly need. the thirst for rel­e­van­cy is parched in peo­ple’s con­sumerist souls. where­as they’re reduced to being lit­tle more than con­stant lust for the fruits of mate­ri­al­ism.  which only increas­es their con­stant greed.

don’t get me wrong here I’ve expe­ri­enced it myself. at times I’ll be in midst of a project and sud­den­ly! quite spon­ta­neous­ly my inner voice be like those damned nunchucks of yours are get­ting old. then I’ll self cor­rect because I have a his­to­ry with these nunchucks. I actu­al­ly used them to kick the crap out of some punks once in Chica­go. or, per­haps more inces­sant­ly (and: insis­tent­ly) my voice says: that com­put­er is so damned old it’s time to donate it to one of your annoy­ing rel­a­tives and pur­chase a new one! but then I stop myself: self, I just bought this last month! Who do you take me for, an Apple cultist? (aka suck­er, suckerbutt).

I bought myself a Japan­ese note­book off of Ama­zon yes­ter­day. Econ­o­my is stim­u­lat­ed I’m sure.

With infla­tion being what it is I pre­fer to call black fri­day = don’t buy shit day.

prac­tic­ing min­i­mal­ism nev­er felt this sexy before now.





the batman

The Batman

my review of: the Bat­man.

don’t wor­ry this won’t be long, and nowhere near as excru­ci­at­ing­ly long (or dull) of yet anoth­er install­ment of the caped crusader.

Like Spi­der­man 🕷they (the CGI porn direc­tors) can’t:

  1. get it right
  2. get it good
  3. get it perfect
  4. get it did with the actu­al fans in mind
  5. let me guess anoth­er reboot will hap­pen in 2 – 3 years tops

the only good aspects of this movie is that it did­n’t have George Klooney, Val Kilmer, or oth­er very non-bat­man­ish actors in it. George Klooney sound­ed like a total retard dur­ing his stint as the dark knight (lolz real­ly he did).

so dur­ing the fes­tive week I caught this. hav­ing to fast for­ward some parts b/​c it was so damned lethar­gi­cal­ly long.

the feel­ing of this whole film: lets be depressed about being depressed. we’re in this stu­pid movie how depressing!

I was briefly sent back in time to the good ole new wave era (now called ’emo’ which I hate). where all my friends who dressed pre­dictably black liked being sad about noth­ing par­tic­u­lar. maybe because they were sin­gle, poor, got bad grades, what­ev­er. damn these guys think they’re actu­al­ly so damned cool too I used to think to myself.

I reviewed the exist­ing reviews won­der­ing to myself what sort of design­er drugs these review­ers were tak­ing, and it was clear­ly syn­thet­ic hero­ine if I’m not mis­tak­en. b/​c this Bat­man despite the aes­thet­ic being cor­rect, the sto­ry being Bat­man-ish the act­ing of the caped cru­sad­er, that twigh­light white boy was off.

like wayyyyyyyy way way off.

Robert Pat­tin­son can act I can tell, maybe not the best nor the worst and some­place between. but he was act­ing like a monot­o­ne idiot who just likes being shot at. damn can some­body check this white guys pulse he seems to be stu­pid or some­thing. no alive­ness what­so­ev­er. and I thought Chris­t­ian Bale had the whole bad act­ing as Bat­man unri­valed. here comes Pat­tin­son to show us how its done. this guy is like the most low bud­get bat­man I’ve seen to date. He makes Tim Bur­ton’s campy vari­a­tion seem like future Bat­man by comparison.

and she’s not quite the pussy I’ve been look­ing for: the Cat­woman in this was the quin­tes­sen­tial gen­der stud­ies female side­kick that’s now in every movie right now. is this some sort of con­spir­a­cy now? that every female char­ac­ter has to be some sort of polit­i­cal spokes­woman for every female on the plan­et? It’s get­ting so retard­ed its rein­vent­ing the word’s def­i­n­i­tion of it. just include a poten­tial­ly sex­u­al­ly con­fused female in it and make her know some stuff. make sure you can’t tell if she’s a car­pet munch­er or a straight female either. make her attrac­tive but not too attrac­tive. the chem­istry is so script­ed. sheez its so obvi­ous these guys nev­er been to a com­ic con before.

I do have to say in defense of this 3 hours of tor­ture that the detec­tive part of Bat­man was good and cohe­sive, its like CSI: Gotham City. still its excru­ci­at­ing dull­ness at its best.

DO watch: Naked Weapon instead.


the killer - feat img

The Killer

I watched this recently:

It was once an actu­al flash based graph­ic nov­el and a French one at that. then became an actu­al graph­ic nov­el which the flash web­site was based and final­ly a lim­it­ed edi­tion movie straight to Netflix.

I like Mag­ne­to aka Michael Fass­ben­der.  he some­times comes across as too seri­ous that it’s pret­ty unin­ten­tion­al­ly comedic. like are you going to stare holes through my soul or some shit? Lolz. Well its rare (actu­al­ly: nev­er) that David Finch­er does action. so you can bank on it being an art­house action flick (which it is). it’s visu­al­ly gor­geous you actu­al­ly do feel like you’re in Paris or oth­er parts of the world through­out. so there’s that.

what makes this com­pelling and watch wor­thy is it puts you in the pilots seat. You become an assas­sin and you get a feel and taste of what that is actu­al­ly like. And its not like the Tom Cruise inter­pre­ta­tion of it in Col­lat­er­al (though that movie was one of the few of his I actu­al­ly did like). The sus­pen­sion of belief involved in think­ing Jer­ry McGuire is a con­tract killer was too much to expect even from Mav­er­ick. But Fass­ben­der plays a human ter­mi­na­tor quite exceed­ing­ly well, and there are some comedic bits. Like snip­ing a French pros­ti­tute while she was about to get nasty with her rich client. The more the antag­o­nist nar­rates the more we real­ize the life of a high end con­tract killer was hard­ly even believ­able, much less sus­tain­able. Be in one city or anoth­er at a moments notice. be in the mid­dle of a jun­gle, or wear­ing all man­ner of dis­guis­es. only if you’re a CIA assas­sin per­haps. Yet it’s fun to see what it might actu­al­ly look like in real life even if its not total­ly believable.

I give it 3.5 ★‘s most­ly b/​c it lacked any decent hot chicks and gra­tu­itous explosions.

this is what the graph­ic nov­el actu­al­ly looked like btw:

the killer - graphic novel

blank canvas featured image

blank canvas

my sec­ond post here. the blank can­vas lies before me, or the blank page if you’re a writer (like myself). it could be ter­ri­fy­ing for some but that’s only because of pas­sion, excite­ment, and adven­ture. art isn’t hard, nei­ther is writ­ing. we just make it thus. we want these oft addic­tive hob­bies to be more than they actu­al­ly are (or aren’t?).

I have a unpop­u­lar opinion(s) yo:

  • art isn’t love
  • art isn’t life
  • art isn’t religion
  • art does­n’t solve prob­lems, but it can (it can make you $$)
  • it can instill pas­sion, but isn’t passion
  • it can stim­u­late con­ver­sa­tion, but isn’t conversation
  • its eas­i­er than some might think, and even eas­i­er than what the mul­ti­tudes already do
  • Picas­so once said: he spent a life­time to learn to cre­ate art as a child does
  • read these books: the Art Life, Art & Fear, and the Artist’s Life. And in no par­tic­u­lar order
  • if you’re a human being, you are art.

but this isn’t about art I just want­ed to plug this in.

I’m think­ing about what to write about nowa­days. I have plen­ty and I have none. despite what peo­ple and anti-cul­ture dic­tate: life isn’t con­stant­ly fun, it isn’t con­stant excit­ing, action packed, and stim­u­lat­ing. if it were it would actu­al­ly be more bor­ing. it is qui­et, it is still, it moves at its own rhythm + tem­po. once being an urban­ite I had to con­stant­ly be in move­ment, much like in mar­tial arts. it’s like being in improv you act spon­ta­neous­ly. the ‘actors’ (snig­gers) have to role­play out the key­words the crowd toss­es. they take what sounds the eas­i­est, ignor­ing yours obvi­ous­ly. unless the chick actress wants drinks and sexy-time with you, then nev­er call you again. well that is an exhaust­ing exis­tence, its not sus­tain­able. and we won­der why there’s so much stress, chron­ic ill­ness­es, emo­tion­al dis­or­ders in soci­ety today. tech­nol­o­gy does­n’t help much but is an enabler actu­al­ly. peo­ple now more than ever are thirsty for rel­e­van­cy, for their 5 min­utes of viral fame­whore fan­fare. atten­tion deficit econ­o­my. nar­cis­sists try­ing to steal your atten­tion off of oth­er narcissists.

it’s nei­ther healthy nor sane. nei­ther is delu­sion­al denial that it is.



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here’s a lit­tle info for all you nymphos ‑Rico Suave

here’s a lit­tle info for all you nymphos -Rico Suave

greet­ings trav­el­ers to: imma­teri­um. glad you can be here, and well thanks for stop­ping in. wel­come to the show!

this is sim­ply a per­son­al niche home­page in cyber­space (and as we all know: that’s also a van­i­ty page). thus­ly the top­ic is me/​​myself/​​and I. the 3 ami­gos. for me, about me, by me. hand craft­ed, time test­ed, moth­er approved. that almost makes sense.

this is ver­sion 1.5: chaos theory.

in a gist, this:

55% niche-blog: you’ve been on one I’m assum­ing (a blog that is) and prob are an oper­a­tor of one your­self. so no real need to go into gran­u­lar detail (but I will): news items, images, quotes, musique, blah blahing. it’s mys­tery sci­ence the­ater 3000 meets an episode of retro Startrek, aboard Deep Space 9.

45% per­son­al shiz: before it was just busi­ness, now it’s personal.

nibz: a vari­ety of thin­gies I’m dig­ging, hat­ing, lov­ing, lik­ing, bit­ing, syn­the­siz­ing, proph­esy­ing, you name it it’s here.

doo­dadz: fea­tured nibs

doodad.cast: fea­tured doo­dadz, I fig­ure I should invent some­thing to fea­ture the fea­tured doo­dadz but that might be a bit overkill.

photo.story: my not so still life in pho­tos. I don’t post a ton just a few cher­ry picked ones. it’s not like any­bod­ies want­i­ng to see pho­tos much nowadays!

quote ♪: this ♪‘s for you and its a quote usu­al­ly. some­times pro­found, oth­er times lol and some­times out there.

that’s it! thanks allot for read­ing this far.

-spike on the line