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EN sites ARE good!

This is a rebut­tal to this idi­ot­ic blog post. on an equal­ly idi­ot­ic site dubbed Some­thing Awful. a crack­house of com­e­dy bs that talks about stu­pid shit in the usu­al exces­sive­ly vul­gar, crass­ly comedic fash­ion. one of those enti­ties that derides, den­i­grates, and denounces all the things like just because. usu­al­ly these cesspools are over­ly stat­ed opin­ions by nerds who feel empow­ered by drop­ping gra­tu­itous f*bombs . or being fake trig­gered about x, y and z. here’s a big news­flash: web 1.0 was gen­er­al­ly pop­u­lat­ed with e/​​n sites mixed with ‘pro­fes­sion­al’ look­ing sites that were well craft­ed with min­i­mal fuss. each one was a world to be behold­en, respect­ed, admired, and book­marked. it might have per­son­al­ized snip­pets of real life, but that’s what made it inter­est­ing. peo­ple want­ed to feel this per­son was a real one. it’s not too hard to deduce that the author is quite upset that some girl’s home­page has very per­son­al­ized con­tent in it. this upset mr. Rich “Low­tax” Kyan­ka. I think the rea­son he’s trig­gered is because he does­n’t have a social life off the line, and might …

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Current Read

some of you might not real­ly know much about her, after all the mis­tress of the dark is mys­te­ri­ous as she is elu­sive. a sexy, classy babe who put the boob in boob­tube lolz (her words not mine). now she’s got a book describ­ing the back sto­ry of her rise to fame. Cru­el­ly Yours. Elvi­ra was pure comedic genius in so many respects. pre­sent­ing hor­ri­ble hor­ror movies that were so bad they were so good, mem­o­rable, hys­ter­i­cal they unwit­ting­ly cre­at­ed their own sub-genre: very bad, el’cheapo hor­ror movies that did­n’t rely on CGI effects. We watched because she pre­sent­ed them and well, we want­ed to. did­n’t have that much choice in the mat­ter. it was either that, kung fu films or blax­ploita­tion, Stars­ki & Hutch, Good Times! or Star Wars 1, 2 or 3. when, oh when will they make damned sequels to the tril­o­gy already! 

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internet cultu̷r̷e̷

recent­ly I delet­ed my ancient live­jour­nal, which I’d total­ly for­got­ten about. I fig­ured it was about high time, and nobody reads one anoth­er any­more much. at least not with any inten­tion­al­i­ty. not in this atten­tion starved econ­o­my. I noticed that despite the daz­zling array of apps, plat­forms, meth­ods of com­mu­ni­ca­tion iron­i­cal­ly nuff we have become more estranged, dis­con­nect­ed, and indif­fer­ent than ever before. back in the hey­day of ICQ, AOL, or win­dows mes­sen­ger it was per­fect­ly nor­mal and now it’s not. one need­ed to oper­ate like a pro­fes­sion­al spy it seemed. there’s no short­age of creep­a­zoids, bad actors, con artists and thieves in every alley in cyber­space. wait­ing to pray on inno­cents like half starved deer ticks. if not them, then it’s those com­plete­ly gone. peo­ple who are dis­as­trous­ly con­sumed by emo­tion­al idol­a­try (or polit­i­cal idol­a­try) try­ing to con­vince every­body they’re right about a thing. and that every­body else is abysmal­ly wrong about all things. yessss, that’s how gaslight­ing works. I’m not here to judge believe it or not. I just found it com­plete­ly ridicu­lous the state of cyber­space and how …


greet­ings neti­zen, trav­el­er, lurk­er, user, what­ev­er you deign to iden­ti­fy your­self as being. I just like to con­sid­er you web­site vis­i­tor # what­ev­er. this is the 1st post on imma­teri­um. first, do you want to know what it is? it’s a per­son­al home page (and as we all know, that’s code for van­i­ty page). it’s my sweet every­thing + my beau­ti­ful noth­ing. who am I? dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.…. web­mas­ter’s pro­file: name: spike oth­er alias­es: uniq­fox is my usu­al han­dle on the line. before that I was guy in 3D or guy on the train. guy in 3D because I worked with 3D mod­el­ing + also lived in a loft unit num­ber 3D. guy on train b/​​c I com­mut­ed lots in Chi­raq when I lived there. genet­ic engi­neer­ing: 1.5 Kore­an + Portuguese/​​Italian ht: 60 wt: 173 lbs align­ment: chaot­ic good (with neu­tral ten­den­cies) dis­tin­guish­ing fea­tures: big lips, nice ass (so the office ladies tell me), walks like Shag­gy from Scoo­bie Doo. I’ve very white teeth (A1’s baby). per­sona: yes, I have one. it a fea­ture and not a ser­vice. I’m very chill, laid back and easy going. just a chillaxed …