Review: Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger

Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb

I have to preface this little review with the gut feeling I’d end up loving it. And I love it when I’m right about something, considering that A. The box office’s are typically polluted with paycheck filler movies I wouldn’t even pirate off of piratebay, much less actually watch.

I’m not going to put any spoiler’s herein so relax and continue reading.Continue Reading »

Ode to October

October arrived, like an uninvited guest in my internal season. It was a season of melancholy, of shadows and drying leaves, and a faint whispering wind that resonated Autumn’s thickening melancholy. It was also a time that I envied all the lucky fucks in Florida and Cali.

And all I can say is HOLY SHIT for season 5 of Walking Dead. It’s on like King Kong! :)

Practicing my Jeet Kune Do

Thoughts of the day

Wrote this on my Iphone while in the subway:

When  was a young pup, I was never the boy who delighted in pulling off the wings off of a butterfly.
Instead, I was the type of kid that plucked the butterfly from the spider’s web.

And now, I’ve grown into a man who delights in pulling off the wings of the butterfly.

existentially me

As I progress and advance, I become more of who I am. I find I conceal myself allot, I don’t shoot the breeze and engage with others much as I once enjoyed. Now, I find it a draining exhausting chore. It’s not that I don’t like or sometimes even love people, that’s not the case. However, I am selfish with time. Time’s money after all, and it doesn’t slow down for nobody. Why waste it with others who can’t possibly further me in any kind of way? Can they appreciate my cunning, my craft? My knowledge and exerpience? Continue Reading »