Daily do do

I was taking Sabi, my dog out for a 3rd walk. Throwing out the trash at the same time, ah schnap multi tasking, yo!

As I moved away from the dumpster, I noticed some new Latina hunnies on the 3rd floor in the condo across from me checking me out, while bbqing. Yep, still exuding that thick smokey sexuality of mine. Of course, Sabi took this opportunity to deposit a monstrous dump. Way to shit on my moment you little bastard! heh heh. I have to give it to the Latina hunnies, they’re like a mirror of flattery. Some of em check this like I’m organic grass fed kobe beefsteak. Others not so much. Bet they’re admiring my expensive hairgel, lol.

This summer’s completely whack weather wise. One day it’s 90, the next it’s cool and breezy. Not summer at all, some funky ass peculiar shit is what it is…really messing with my funk.

So tired, and I hate this company I’m in. It’s about as fun as a old person’s fart at a bingo night panty raid!

National pastime

I’m in Barnes & Noble, Old Orchard shopping center which lies only 10 minutes north of my su casa. The mall is alive with its usual run of the mill crowd, mostly teenager chicka’s perusing the stores, families out for a stroll, suburban midwesterner’s who think this is the height of American fun. It’s actually hot outside, but this summer has been inconsistently summer. The weather is bi-polar, one minute cool and temperate and the next hot actual. I miss the stability and normalcy of predictive weather patterns, as was back when. Wtf is going on with these climate changes?!

I haven’t been in a good way lately, I guess I’m growing increasingly agitated by all of this unimpressive bullshit manifesting throughout the world. Seems every fool is busy celebrating stupid, praising shallow, and pretending we live in this utopia nobody can touch. Continue Reading »

End of the day

It’s a rare thing for me to want to write much these days.

Now, I live as a bi polar opposite of the mainstream run of the mill sheep.

What this means, essentially is that I’m not that into me. You might better frame this as I’m neither a narcissist, nor that interesting to myself to want to become one, ever.

When or if I ever do become vaguely interesting, I’ll be sure to broadcast it. I’d imagine that’s what interesting people do, self market themselves on every meat market that exists. I prefer non traditional methods. Leaving cryptic clues here and there, being subtle, being me.

I don’t want to take a thousand selfies and hit every which restaurant that lies about the city, or broadcast my life. I don’t need that headache. I’m just content being me.

Fear itself



I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing….only I will remain


Today’s life lesson

Instructor in today’s training seminar (Decision making & Critical Analysis):

“Not one person actually truly cares about anything you have to say, think, or feel”

Me: If that’s true, then why in fuck’s sake am I hear listening to you in the first place?



Two people have told me already that I look/remind them of that dude from Twighlight, the teen wolf dude.

Personally, I hate the way this dude looks for whatever reason. He looks peculiar to me like his appearance begs the question wtf are you even doing on screen. I mean hell I’m 110% better looking than this guy, so I took offense to the comparison.

I’d much rather be told I look like Bruce Lee or someone more iconic.

People have strange sense of comparative analysis. I wouldn’t tell you you look like Kim Kardashian if you had a misshapen ass and black hair.

Btw I hate Kim Kardashian, she looks like her mom who I think is disturbingly grotesque. She’d whored her own daughters for a profit, crazy byiotch. But that’s a rant for a later time.