our house

there was this house I’d dwelt in
for the better part of my youth
it had sold for a pittance was now
inhabited by new occupants
who didn’t care about its former occupants
or the richness of history that saturated the insides
a house is just a house they might tell themselves
there’s none of that residual spiritual imprint people think
that’s the stuff of romantically delusional individuals!Continue Reading »

I do it on the daily

I started writing once again. I had to remind myself that I ought to keep it succinct and short for the short attention span theater of the mind.

I understood this, but I didn’t like it. I felt people required more not less at times. I hardly care, I’m many things but wordy. Most guys have a preset word count as is, and if they don’t then that’s on them. Continue Reading »

Up ahead

I started writing some thingies down, I’m following the exercises in ‘The Right to Write’, projects such as ‘write for 10 minutes straight’. They help purge your internal roadblocks. Like Nike sayeth: *just do it*. In ‘Right’, it emphasizes actualize vs. dwelling on negative stereotypes. Continue Reading »

this blank canvas

first post here for 2015. I scrapped all of the ones I had before, disliking what I’d written. It was a bit lacking in depth, I forget at times I can’t be too wordy or detailed. People have short attention spans after all! This was a struggle for me, I could write voluminous things about life and events. Continue Reading »