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Thoughts of the day

Wrote this on my Iphone while in the subway:

When  was a young pup, I was never the boy who delighted in pulling off the wings off of a butterfly.
Instead, I was the type of kid that plucked the butterfly from the spider’s web.

And now, I’ve grown into a man who delights in pulling off the wings of the butterfly.

existentially me

As I progress and advance, I become more of who I am. I find I conceal myself allot, I don’t shoot the breeze and engage with others much as I once enjoyed. Now, I find it a draining exhausting chore. It’s not that I don’t like or sometimes even love people, that’s not the case. However, I am selfish with time. Time’s money after all, and it doesn’t slow down for nobody. Why waste it with others who can’t possibly further me in any kind of way? Can they appreciate my cunning, my craft? My knowledge and exerpience? Continue Reading »

Fear itself


I must not fear.

Fear is the mind-killer.

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing….only I will remain

Privacy issues

The online world is no longer a safe refuge to go to and vent your actual, real world, tangible misgivings about reality, how much you like or hate your co-workers, or your actual (shudder) truthful opinions about things you truly think, care about, or whatever. Someone somewhere is searching you out, or somebody you truly don’t want to have anything to do with even on the slimmest scale may stumble on a SERP containing some scrap of information you wrote last year. Even if it’s not damning, stupid, inappropriate you still don’t really want that particular individual to see anything remotely private even if its superficial. That piece is only fuel for them to seek every damned thing you’re doing, have done, or written on the web which can then build some sort of character assassination campaign. Let’s face it, there are people out there with seriously no lives whatsoever who get off on harassing, being strangely negative, and trying to bring you down. Hater’s gotta hate.

Since I eliminated FB and Twitter from my life entirely, I feel like I’ve regained a modicum of personal time back. I don’t have any true use for these places, I don’t want nor need validation from them or to interact with perfect strangers, college mates, ex co workers, ex girlfriends, etc. I’m trying to move forward in life, not dwell on the past and time travel to yesterday. Let nostalgists do that, that’s not my style.

Currently reading: Take Control of your Online Privacy. Go get it, you know where (


President do little

American Journalist James Foley was beheaded by an extremist group of Islamic Jihadists called ISIS.
Obama condemned the group, he seemed real pissed off about it. So much so that he went straight to the golf course to vent his rage out. Look at him in this picture doing exactly what I described, practically asking ‘Hey, do I look like Tiger Woods in this pose?’

Takes more vacations than a retired millionaire

Takes more vacations than a retired millionaire

As usual, the commander in chief had some pretty convincingly impressive sounding words for the group responsible. It resulted in deep emotional duress for  ISIS. Words which he had his writer’s craft up based on the latest episode of House of Cards, his favorite show.

Well, seemed to have worked, they (bad guys) had to seek counseling because they were so disraught of Obama’s harsh words. “He’s so mean” the jihadists were quoted as having said.

“Oh it’s on” Obama said infuriated, talking about his latest bout of golf. If only he’d bring his A game to his current job instead of taking constant vacations on the taxpayers dime. Wasn’t that what his first term in office for?


This little light

This little lighttt….is going to shine, shine out so bright it’ll illuminate your mind

I felt totally off kilter with writing anything remotely interesting, or dare I say titillating online anywhere. The digital landscape is quite gross of late, its no longer write whatever the hell  you want, when you want. The appropriate police are out there trying to crack down on free thinkers, or any who have some stupid shit to say about anything. Particularly so if its original, if its real, if its not caring about what they consider to be relevant, appropriate, intriguing, stimulating. whatever. And it seems that they’ve won this subtle cold war of the soul, that there are so few of us brave ones left to fight the fight worth fighting. So many sheep are terrified of retribution, of this prevailing bullish attitude to conform, adapt, be assimilated into their borg like consciousness. Well I can tell you with great smugness the hell with that bullshiat, because I hate these suppressors of original thought, these haters of words and life and anybody who has the fierceness and toughness to withstand their narrowing views, their limited imaginations, their lack of depth and empathy, compassion, whatever.Continue Reading »