quote of the moment

I was never the boy who liked to tear the wings from the butterfly, and marvel at the simple destruction I’d caused. I was the kid who freed the butterfly from the spider’s web.

Yet when I became a man, I’d realized I became the man who liked to tear off butterfly wings. Because that’s the kind of world we lived in, where beauty was decimated and labeled art. Beauty had to be raped by intellectually vain peeps and refined, overprocessed, overthought. It couldn’t be organically wrought anymore. People were too politically correct for that kind of raw like sushi spontaneity where you’re in it for the creative high.



It’d been a lengthy, tumultuous hiatus from writing, blogging, journaling for me, and I felt it high time to get things started. Where to even begin? Do we do like in the movies with the end scene first? No, that’s not how this works.

I’m not going to even bother with overburdening myself, much less anybody reading this with granular details, secrets, or real life shit. This is the internet of things, where haters gonna hate. You can’t really be ‘good’, noble, empathetic, caring, or ‘yourself’ herein. The inter web is like a vast sea of troubled freaks of nature, why would anybody in their right minds care to pander to the lowlives? It’d be likened to a concerto of Rachmoninov for the entertainment of crack addicts, carjackers, and craigslist scammers.

Beside this hostile attitude I harbor towards the state of life, it isn’t to suggest that I won’t. Just that I don’t want to want to. This is delicious fare you’re about to not enjoy, and I won’t enjoy providing it.Continue Reading »