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The Killer

the killer - feat img

I watched this recently:

It was once an actu­al flash based graph­ic nov­el and a French one at that. then became an actu­al graph­ic nov­el which the flash web­site was based and final­ly a lim­it­ed edi­tion movie straight to Netflix.

I like Mag­ne­to aka Michael Fass­ben­der.  he some­times comes across as too seri­ous that it’s pret­ty unin­ten­tion­al­ly comedic. like are you going to stare holes through my soul or some shit? Lolz. Well its rare (actu­al­ly: nev­er) that David Finch­er does action. so you can bank on it being an art­house action flick (which it is). it’s visu­al­ly gor­geous you actu­al­ly do feel like you’re in Paris or oth­er parts of the world through­out. so there’s that.

what makes this com­pelling and watch wor­thy is it puts you in the pilots seat. You become an assas­sin and you get a feel and taste of what that is actu­al­ly like. And its not like the Tom Cruise inter­pre­ta­tion of it in Col­lat­er­al (though that movie was one of the few of his I actu­al­ly did like). The sus­pen­sion of belief involved in think­ing Jer­ry McGuire is a con­tract killer was too much to expect even from Mav­er­ick. But Fass­ben­der plays a human ter­mi­na­tor quite exceed­ing­ly well, and there are some comedic bits. Like snip­ing a French pros­ti­tute while she was about to get nasty with her rich client. The more the antag­o­nist nar­rates the more we real­ize the life of a high end con­tract killer was hard­ly even believ­able, much less sus­tain­able. Be in one city or anoth­er at a moments notice. be in the mid­dle of a jun­gle, or wear­ing all man­ner of dis­guis­es. only if you’re a CIA assas­sin per­haps. Yet it’s fun to see what it might actu­al­ly look like in real life even if its not total­ly believable.

I give it 3.5 ★‘s most­ly b/​c it lacked any decent hot chicks and gra­tu­itous explosions.

this is what the graph­ic nov­el actu­al­ly looked like btw:

the killer - graphic novel

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