the collective

wel­come to: the col­lec­tive. or: more human than human.

I know what it sounds like: an evil under­ground secret soci­ety run by mas­ter­mind elit­ists who par­take in human traf­fick­ing auc­tions and nefar­i­ous schemes. but this isn’t that its my own indi­vid­ual webring. its pur­pose is to list out oth­er sites of sim­i­lar nature (usu­al­ly per­son­al home­pages, blogs, and oth­er such).

the rea­son why: I noticed that there are blog list­ings now that charge a ridicu­lous price for a list­ing which may or may not gen­er­ate desired traf­fic. this sick­ened me actu­al­ly, and the sites list­ed were all a bunch of SEO busi­ness­es and such. noth­ing made by any­body real and on the up and up. addi­tion­al­ly its next to impos­si­ble to find sites that aren’t garbage and has real life peo­ple updat­ing their web­sites. Maybe you’re one of these and if you are then plz add your­self to this ring.

join this webring

rules (b/​c I’m the boss here yo bet­ter recognize!).

  1. no overt­ly hate filled sites that per­pet­u­ates and advo­cates for vio­lence or encour­ages harm, ver­bal dis­par­age­ment, and den­i­gra­tion of others.
  2. no exces­sive polit­i­cal rhetoric
  3. no sites that get updat­ed x1, x2, maybe x3 a year tops
  4. no influ­encer sites or gener­ic sites that leads to all of your anti-social media channels
  5. per­son­al blogs/​webpages/​websites are pre­ferred. blogspot is okay, word­press, etc.
  6. no occult ori­ent­ed, new age or Satan­ic shit plz.
  7. no Avon ladies, Jeho­va wit­ness­es, Mor­mons or Green Peace based web­sites. this isn’t 1987.
  8. no overt­ly porno­graph­ic sites. its fine if you have some hot ass in a gallery or nude photography/​art once in awhile like I do. but if it looks like a Hus­tler mag­a­zine its going to get banned.
  9. no instapo­et­ry sites
  10. no port­fo­lio sites (e.g. I’m a ux design­er, UI design­er, etc.).
  11. once up and run­ning when I get 5+ sites in the ring I will dish out the code required. most like­ly it will sim­ply be a gallery of screen­shots with descrip­tions in it you can cut + paste into a page on your own site some­where visible.
    oth­er than that plz enjoy.
  12. you must obey my every com­mand, no real­ly. j/​k hehe­he but if you want to I’m nei­ther con­don­ing or con­demn­ing such behavior.
  13. review: to make this webring stand out, and to add to it a lit­tle unique­ness you must pluck one site from the col­lec­tive and do a brief review of said site. what you like, love, or even hate about it. not manda­to­ry but high­ly encour­aged to show your support.