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Warrior Notes

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know your enemy I’m sick of trick or treaters in cos­tumes dis­guised as leaders. Thiev­ery Corp, Let­ters to the Editor if things are this bad now, imag­ine 10 years from now. it’s hard to envi­sion that and I don’t want to dwell on that. too heavy, too weighty, too neg­a­tive in nature. I am after all a poet and artist so I’m sen­si­tive like that (huhuhuh I made an art/​poetry joke: +25 points).


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some­times you wan­na go where nobody knows your name…and they’re all not so insane…you wan­na go where peo­ple don’t know, they don’t know your name. well I’ve arrived, all shiny and new. this blog still has that new car smell and I’m test dri­ving this. but first, what is this? this is this: me at my worstme at my bestme at my most bril­liantme at my stu­pid­est momentme in my strangestme in my nor­malme in my abnor­malme […]