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some­times you wan­na go where nobody knows your name…and they’re all not so insane…you wan­na go where peo­ple don’t know, they don’t know your name.

well I’ve arrived, all shiny and new. this blog still has that new car smell and I’m test dri­ving this. but first, what is this? this is this:

me at my worst
me at my best
me at my most bril­liant
me at my stu­pid­est moment
me in my strangest
me in my nor­mal
me in my abnor­mal
me some­where back there
me in the front row

here’s my rea­son and my raisin d’e­tre:

it’s been well pub­li­cized when Elon Musk thought he was wik­ileaks and released the twit­ter files, his x‑files no doubt. essen­tial­ly telling us what we already knew. the truth is obvi­ous, lies are con­fus­ing and dif­fi­cult to main­tain. so since he brought bal­ance to the force, there are still peo­ple occu­py­ing these com­pro­mised, cor­rupt, and con­trolled prison sys­tems. they were max­i­mum secu­ri­ty pris­ons with­out guards, with­out locked doors, with­out cell doors even. they served one very use­ful pur­pose: the keep unde­sir­able indi­vid­u­als locked up. it’s one thing for the big rev­e­la­tion that these plat­forms were main­tained by bad actors. that is: the unin­tel­li­gent intel­li­gence agen­cies. creepy aint it? damn right it is! yet now that we know why would any­body par­take? Amer­i­ca has indeed lost its damned mind to quote one wise per­son that I know. and some­how this is all Mark Zucker­berg’s fault. this douche is guilty of ruin­ing the inter­net by being on the internet.

the thirsty and des­per­ate need group think/​right think. they need to be plugged into the borg cube. they’re ter­ri­fied of indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, of us. of you being lib­er­at­ed from the Matrix inside the Matrix. they want you to be a bat­tery, gen­er­at­ing enough ener­gy to fuel their micro­cosms of hate, fear, neg­a­tiv­i­ty, apa­thy, and depres­sion. just read:

Bored, Lone­ly, Angry, Stu­pid.
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