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cur­rent read for Feb 2024

some of you might not real­ly know much about her, after all the mis­tress of the dark is mys­te­ri­ous as she is elu­sive. a sexy, classy babe who put the boob in boob­tube lolz (her words not mine). now she’s got a book describ­ing the back sto­ry of her rise to fame. Cru­el­ly Yours.

Elvi­ra was pure comedic genius in so many respects. pre­sent­ing hor­ri­ble hor­ror movies that were so bad they were so good, mem­o­rable, hys­ter­i­cal they unwit­ting­ly cre­at­ed their own sub-genre: very bad, el’cheapo hor­ror movies that did­n’t rely on CGI effects. We watched because she pre­sent­ed them and well, we want­ed to. did­n’t have that much choice in the mat­ter. it was either that, kung fu films or blax­ploita­tion, Stars­ki & Hutch, Good Times! or Star Wars 1, 2 or 3. when, oh when will they make damned sequels to the tril­o­gy already!


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1.5 Korean 🇰🇷 + Portuguese= 110% Americano 🇺🇸 but self identify as full blown Mexican (that was what's called a joke, I know its a thought crime nowadays). Chicago excommunicato now living the dream in the Nicolas Spark's setting of North Carolina 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 in middle of somewhere. besides being a voracious reader also: a writer, visual poet (an artiste + designer have a 💔 child), actual poet, tech priest, amateur chef and karaoke master. Admittedly a food snob and a bit of a ♪ snob. sorry for the long blah blah this was starting to feel like a dating profile for a second there.