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life on the line

it’s black fri­day + cyber mon­day and nat­u­ral­ly peo­ple are excit­ed for what­ev­er rea­son to buy shit they don’t real­ly need. the thirst for rel­e­van­cy is parched in peo­ple’s con­sumerist souls. where­as they’re reduced to being lit­tle more than con­stant lust for the fruits of mate­ri­al­ism.  which only increas­es their con­stant greed. don’t get me wrong here I’ve expe­ri­enced it myself. at times I’ll be in midst of a project and sud­den­ly! quite spon­ta­neous­ly my inner voice be like those damned nunchucks of yours are get­ting old. then I’ll self cor­rect because I have a his­to­ry with these nunchucks. I actu­al­ly used them to kick the crap out of some punks once in Chica­go. or, per­haps more inces­sant­ly (and: insis­tent­ly) my voice says: that com­put­er is so damned old it’s time to donate it to one of your annoy­ing rel­a­tives and pur­chase a new one! but then I stop myself: self, I just bought this last month! Who do you take me for, an Apple cultist? (aka suck­er, sucker­butt). I bought myself a Japan­ese note­book off of Ama­zon yes­ter­day. Econ­o­my is stim­u­lat­ed I’m sure. With …

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blank canvas

my sec­ond post here. the blank can­vas lies before me, or the blank page if you’re a writer (like myself). it could be ter­ri­fy­ing for some but that’s only because of pas­sion, excite­ment, and adven­ture. art isn’t hard, nei­ther is writ­ing. we just make it thus. we want these oft addic­tive hob­bies to be more than they actu­al­ly are (or aren’t?). I have a unpop­u­lar opinion(s) yo: art isn’t love art isn’t life art isn’t reli­gion art does­n’t solve prob­lems, but it can (it can make you $$) it can instill pas­sion, but isn’t pas­sion it can stim­u­late con­ver­sa­tion, but isn’t con­ver­sa­tion its eas­i­er than some might think, and even eas­i­er than what the mul­ti­tudes already do Picas­so once said: he spent a life­time to learn to cre­ate art as a child does read these books: the Art Life, Art & Fear, and the Artist’s Life. And in no par­tic­u­lar order if you’re a human being, you are art. but this isn’t about art I just want­ed to plug this in. I’m think­ing about what to write about nowa­days. I have plen­ty and I have none. despite what peo­ple and …