Home Acreage is John Pawson’s self-designed minimalist additional home in the Cotswolds, England, featuring three kitchens but no clutter.

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John Pawson, a British artist accepted for his minimalism, adapted the agriculture circuitous that dates from 1610 into a ancestors retreat in the English countryside.

His signature minimalist style, displayed in projects including the contempo advance of a Barbican collapsed and the new Design Museum area in London, is an addendum of his own claimed taste, he told Dezeen.

“I anticipate of myself aback I’m designing houses for added people,” he said. “I assumption bodies appear to me because maybe they like what I do.”

The accumulating of barrio included a acreage abode and barn with a cottage and stables. John Pawson adapted the barrio by abutting the barn to the acreage abode to actualize a home that’s over 45 metres long.

“It was bringing the spaces aback to what they would accept been and again seeing how to absorb it,” he said.

With the abode actuality so long, he absitively to install a kitchen at anniversary end of the architectonics forth  with a third kitchen in the abstracted bedfellow house.

John Pawson’s wife, Catherine Pawson, is a agog baker and calm they are autograph a cookbook based about Home Farm.

During the summer they mainly use the kitchen in the barn end, which is nearer the orchard and the pond if they appetite to booty the aliment outside.

In the winter they use the smaller, cosier kitchen in the farmhouse end, although both affection fireplaces. The guesthouse kitchen is smaller, for authoritative coffee and snacks.

However, it’s the abdomen that is Pawson’s favourite room. “It’s appealing nice,” he said. It’s got white marble shelves afterwards arresting supports.”

Creating a faculty of amplitude was important for John Pawson, who advised Home Acreage for hosting his family.

“We capital to accomplish it adorable to the three developed up children, so we would see a bit added of them. It’s formed rather too well, actually,” he said.

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“Even if they all appear at the aforementioned time there’s amplitude to get abroad from people.”

John Pawson chose adulatory but abreast abstracts for the new additions to the building, such as the layered accurate acclimated to accompany the barn and the farmhouse.

“We begin an accumulated that is local, so it’s agnate colours to the Cotswold stone, although it’s avant-garde accurate and it bands,” he said. “We put bottomward a accurate terrazzo attic that was the aforementioned greys.”

Elm had been acclimated for the 17th-century farmhouse’s aboriginal balk elements, but has become deficient back Dutch Elm ache accustomed in the 1960s.

The balk aggregation John Pawson active managed to antecedent some Elm copse that had been felled to accommodate the disease, which were acclimated for the kitchen floors.

Breathable adhesive adhesive was acclimated for the walls and the ceilings instead of paint, a applied accommodation that additionally contributed to the pale, basal interiors.

“It’s a array of beautiful, pinky-white colour,” said John Pawson

While John Pawson was alone in allegation of the architectural decisions, Catherine Pawson had added of a say with the autogenous decoration.

“Obviously, Catherine had some actual able views,” he said. “She does like curtains and sofas, so there’s a bit of a accommodation activity on.”

While John Pawson professes to animosity sofas, award them “clumsy”, he admits that beneath assertive altitude he admits they accept their uses in a calm environment.

“I absolutely like sleeping on them afterwards lunch. There’s amaranthine pictures of me sleeping on sofas to prove that absolutely I do like them,” he said.

“She did buy a actual nice Swedish Gustavian 18th aeon sofa, which is absolutely simple. And sleepable on as well.”

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through out the interiors Pawson has maintained his signature minimalism area he can.

“There’s actual little stuff,” he said.

“I anticipate I’m acclimated to it, but you can see on people’s faces aback they attending around. It’s adequately chargeless of annihilation extra. There’s aloof abundant to sit on, aloof abundant to light,” he continued.

“Obviously aback you’re cooking, being gets acclimated and brought out, but it’s so nice aback you do tidy it that I adore accomplishing that. But not everyone’s as tidy as others. It aloof gives me amusement for things to be chargeless and clear.”

Although Pawson planned to use Home Acreage to assignment at aback he took the activity on seven years ago, the adequate atmosphere he created is too all-encompassing.

“It’s so quiet outside, there are no alley noises or pylons. Inside I suppressed all the automated noises,” he said.

“As anon as I go there I aloof about-face off completely. It’s amazing. It’s like accepting a massage, aloof arriving.

The couple’s capital abode is in London’s Notting Hill, which he additionally advised forth with his appointment in King’s Cross.

John Pawson accustomed his appointment in London in 1981. He never clearly completed his architectonics training, so is not clearly recognised as an artist in the UK. He afresh advised a board abbey for cyclists to blow at in Germany, and adapted a abbey in Tel Aviv into a hotel.

Photography is by Gilbert McCarragher.

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