wel­come neti­zen to my sweet lit­tle niche home­page in cyber­space. right off route 66 of the infor­ma­tion super­high­way. it would be a sus­tain­able airBNB in the midst of some­where you could lose your­self. ful­ly, com­plete­ly and with­out restraints or inhi­bi­tion. so whats it all about then?

I’ve some cus­tom craft­ed fur­ni­ture from Dania, IKEA, West Elm and Nadeau in my vir­i­tu­al digs. but the best stuff? it comes from thrift stores, craigslist, offer­up, wher­ev­er. peo­ple’s sold belong­ings which they part­ed ways with. those were the best because they con­tained secret stories.

any­ways I am sim­ply a hum­ble cyber­punk from the retro web 1.0 era still. I’m an avid hater of most anti-social media. being a min­i­mal­ist I don’t miss out on these garbage in/​out plat­forms that takes them­selves too seri­ous­ly, is tox­ic and does noth­ing for me. if you want to be a part of the Borg col­lec­tive by all means, I know group think seems on the up and up. but a bunch of stu­pid peo­ple agree­ing with one anoth­er was­n’t actu­al­ly REAL. it was just a bunch of peeps who want­ed to feel right about shit. they too knew deep inside if they dared to have an orig­i­nal thought that their mob cult would evis­cer­ate them. declare them as social pari­ah and turn on them for every sedi­cious thing thought, felt, and worse of all: expressed. because feel­ings it seemed were the boss in charge. nobody oper­at­ed with ratio­nale or intel­li­gence, com­mon sense, decen­cy and respect. those were ves­tiges of the old­er times.

About: Myself:

I go by spike on the line. and you would­n’t right­ly guess the ori­gins of the name so I’ll tell ya: snoopy­’s broth­er. yes, I’m a big Peanuts fan. besides this? all you need know is this about this: I’m a sim­ple man, 65% min­i­mal­ist and 25% intro­vert­ed. I’m a cre­ative tech­nol­o­gist and in my spare time I’ve two side hus­tles: teach­ing self defense, and sell­ing water­col­ored paint­ings. I aspire to be a pub­lished poet some­day. I think now’s a per­fect time b/​c all I see are peo­ple secret­ing pol­i­tics into poet­ry now, or forms of emo­tion­al idol­a­try. sor­ry but here’s a news­flash: poet­ry isn’t ther­a­py (thank good­ness) and it isn’t Kdra­ma either. its not for the snowflake lotus eaters on IG also to pre­tend to be lit­er­ary genius­es (lolz). if any­thing their vogon poet­ics are proof of a utter lack of tal­ent. I attend­ed SAIC for my under­grad (in visu­al design) and for fun? besides writ­ing, draw­ing, read­ing vora­cious­ly I like to play spy games and draw maps, peo­ple, and explo­ration. being in North Car­oli­na now I’m out of my native ele­ment and con­stant­ly try­ing to under­stand what the hell this place even is. that’ll be a real hootenany.

more about this: well, if you’ve read this far you’re either A. very bored, B. amused by me or C. just want to see where this is head­ed. I’m flat­tered b/​c well I’m always revis­ing these things. I get a bit bored of hav­ing to write shit about myself. I could tell you I’m the great­est of the great­est, a per­son w/​o flaw or defect. well that might be true but so what? can’t we all just get along?